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Important Things to Know About eAssessment


This page lists key things around eAssessment that departments need to know when planning, creating and using eAssessment platforms.

Technical Limitations

When files (such as PDFs and DOCXs) are uploaded to the Learn VLE ( they are technically accessible to all students enrolled on the site that houses the files, even if adaptive/controlled release is in place. This is very important to know when planning to upload files critical to eAssessments onto a VLE site.

Be sure to view and apply our guidance on the safe upload and release of assessment-related files on the VLE.

Keeping Up to Date

Many of our eAssessment tools are hosted in the cloud, and are updated regularly. Ensure you keep up to date with changes, bugs/issues, and feature changes by visiting our Updates & Issues area.

Known Issues & Troubleshooting

Our Updates & Issues area contains links to a specific Known Issues and Outages dashboards, where you can view current or upcoming issues, outages or degradations on our eAssessment systems.