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TurnItIn Feedback Studio (TFS)


TurnItIn Feedback Studio (TFS) was introduced in Semester 1 2023/24 as a replacement for the UoY Anonymous Assignment Tool, which was reaching "end of life". This page covers links to guidance for different types of user, such as students, adminstrators and markers. Training around the use of TFS is also available for staff - See "Further Help" below.

Overview / Introduction

TurnItIn Feedback Studio (accessed via the VLE) will be used to collect student submissions, and for the entry and return of feedback to students, for the majority of assessments taking place across the University in the 2023/24 academic year.

Other tools are available, as detailed on our eAssessment hub page.

Below is a video overview of TurnItIn Feedback Studio, if you prefer you can open the overview video in another tab using this link.

Important - Before You Begin

Ensure that you are up to date with our "Important Things to Know" around assessment before using assignment submission points on the VLE.

Student Guidance

Student guides are hosted on our student support webpages, but for staff reference here are our key resources for students around TFS:

Below is a video for students on how to submit to TurnItIn Feedback Studio, if you prefer you can open the "how to submit" student video in another tab using this link.

Administrator Guidance

Set Up:

The Assessment Tracker (summatives only):

To assist with the oversight and management of large cohort summative assessments, the Assessment Tracker has been created.

Managing Submissions:

Other Tasks:

Marker Guidance

Guidance for markers is available in video and written format:

We also have a Turnitin marker support group, which run drop-in sessions if you need further marker related help and guidance. You can see further information here.

Moderator Guidance

Further Help