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Ultra Assignments


Ultra Assignments are the default assignment submission and marking tool built into the Learn VLE ( They are predominantly used for formative assessments, but can also be used for summative assessments where anonymity isn't required. Key differences between Ultra Assignments and TurnItIn Feedback Studio (TFS) are that Ultra Assignments can facilitate group submissions from students, and can be used for doubleblind marking.

Overview / Introduction

Ultra assignments are similar to "Standard Assignments" used on Original Learn VLE sites before the 2023/24 academic year. They can receive many types of file, from text and slide decks to (low res) video and audio, and receive files up to 2GB in size, however for the best student experience we suggest that students are advised not to submit something more than 100MB in size.

The Ultra Assignments tool does techncally allow anonymous submissions, however we do not encourage use of this tool anonymously as it can: 1. Be turned off with a single button click, and cannot then be turned back on 2. Limit the marking tools and filtering options available.

Other assignment submission tools are available, particularly around video and audio assessments, as detailed on our eAssessment hub page.

Important - Before You Begin

Ensure that you are up to date with our "Important Things to Know" around assessment before using assignment submission points on the VLE.

Student Guidance

Student guides are hosted on our student support webpages, but for staff reference here are some key resources for students around Ultra Assignment:

Staff Guidance

As Ultra Assignments are used for formatives, or summatives without anonymity, less involvement is expected in the set up and use of Ultra Assignments from teachin department admin' staff (in comparison to summatives run via TurnItIn Feedback Studio).

Set Up:


  • The "Flex Grading" interface was brought in in Autumn 2023, to improve the experience of marking Ultra Assignment submissions online. Details for using Flex Grading can be accessed here.
  • Multiple Markers: There are several ways to facilitate multiple markers on Ultra Assignment submission points, which largely comes down to whether you are happy with markers seeing each other's marking or not:

Other: - Leave of Absence (LoA) and how it can impact submission and marking.

Further Help