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Ultra Test


The Learn VLE ( has a build in test engine, where different question types can be built and given to students. We strongly advise you to consult with our team (DET) if you are planning to use this for summative assessment - see below.

Important - Before You Begin

Ensure that you are up to date with our "Important Things to Know" around assessment before using tests on the VLE.

Additionally, if you want to deploy a test and

  • would like (or anticipate) your cohort attempting it synchronously
  • and/or want the test to be summative

... then you MUST contact us to discuss this before going ahead.

Student Guides

Student guides are hosted on our student support webpages, but for staff reference here are some key resources for students around Ultra Test:

Staff Guides

Accessible Test Content

As with all teaching content, accessibility is very important when building test questions and answer options. All the usual considerations around accessibility apply to tests, but it is particularly important that you take into consideration accessiblility when using tables, images or mathematical content in test questions.

Further Help