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Adding HTML objects to Ultra


Instructors may sometimes want to upload html web sites of their own content to the VLE for student access. By default staff do not have access to do this; this access must be requested.

Requesting access

Fill in the "Upload HTML Objects" form so that we can give you the right permissions to upload HTML content.


  • By completing the above form you agree to only use your new privileges to upload HTML content as advised in this guide, ie. not to paste code into the Ultra HTML editor directly, as this can cause conflict with Blackboard's own code and cause your site to become inaccessible.
  • If in doubt, please Contact Us.

Prepare your files

After you’ve filled in the form linked above, we will confirm via email that you have the right permissions settings.

Prepare your HTML files and turn them into a zip package ready for upload once access has been granted.

Add your files

On your Ultra VLE site, in the "Content" section of the screen:

  1. Click the + sign wherever you wish to add the link to the content.
  2. Click on Content Collection.


  1. Click Browse Content Collection.
  2. Click Upload > Upload Zip Package.


  1. Near the top of the screen, click Create Folder and give your new folder a name. Click Create Folder. Note: You can also navigate to a folder that already exists in your VLE site Content Collection if necessary.


  1. Click Browse local files and select your zip package. Click Submit.
  2. Select the index.html or first page of your web package, and click Submit.
  3. Click Save in the Content Collection screen and the link to the first page of your web content will appear in the VLE site. Note: Before you save, you can click the 3 dots to rename the file so it shows as something meaningful rather than index.html, for instance. You can also edit this name after you save.