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Content types


Ultra sites are built using a variety of different content items, such as Documents, Learning Modules, or Tests.

The majority of an Ultra site’s content is found in the Course Content area of the site. There are many different types of content items that can be added to this Course Content area.

The table below summarises the different types of content available to add to your Ultra site and the functionality of each one.

Content type Description
Assignment A submission point for assessed work, often used for formative assessments
Discussion A public forum for students to discuss the course - useful for Q&As between staff and students
Document The basic content building block - can contain text, HTML, images, videos and attachments like PDFs
Folder A content bin for organising any other content items in a course, except Learning Modules
Journal Similar to discussion forums, journals allow communication between individual students and staff, but privately rather than publicly
Learning Module A content bin for organising any other content items in a course that allows content to be viewed sequentially
Link A link to external websites
SCORM package Not used at York
Teaching tools with LTI connection Not used at York - to access LTI tools, select View course & institution tools under Books & Tools in the left hand menu in your Ultra site
Test A test or quiz based on a variety of questions including multiple choice, fill in the blank, and essay response