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Course roles in Learn Ultra


A user's Course Role sets permissions for what they can do or see within an Ultra site, such as enter Private courses, edit content, or mark student work.

Roles available

If you manually enrol a user on your site (eg. a GTA assisting in your module), you will need to select an appropriate role. Usually staff are given the Instructor role, but there are alternatives if that is not suitable.

There are six main roles available on Learn Ultra, summarised below from the most to the least permissive:

Course role (module sites) Organisation (Community) equivalent role Role ideal for
Instructor Leader Most academic and admin staff. Has full access to the site.
Teaching Assistant Assistant Staff that should have limited access to enrol others, but otherwise act as an Instructor
Marker Marker Staff/GTAs who only need to mark student submissions, or who should not have edit access to content.
Course Builder Organisation Builder Staff/GTAs who only need to build or edit course content. They can't mark student submissions.
Student Participant Students studying the module, any user that should have read-only access to the site (note: they will appear in the Gradebook)
Guest Guest Do not use - only used for automatic group enrolments (see below).

For more information on each Role's access level and what they can do, see our Course Roles spreadsheet.

Guest role


Don't give an individual the Guest role. The Guest role is not available for individual users in Ultra sites, so users manually assigned this role will not be able to access a site.

The Guest role is used for automatic enrolments through cohort user groups (aka "SITS Group Users" and "People Group Users"), so you might see 'Guest' in your class register - this is correct!

These user groups automatically pull user data from SITS and enrol individual users. For example, this is how students are enrolled on module sites.