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Embedding Content


Content from external tools such as Padlet and Xerte can be embedded in your Ultra site using HTML.

Relevant VLE site design principles

  • 3.7 Essential: Direct, descriptive links are given to open embedded content (eg. video, Padlet or Xerte objects) in full screen.

Quick Start Guide

Video Steps

Below is an embedded video detailing how to embed content in an Ultra site.

Video: Embedding content in Ultra

Text Steps

Creating an HTML embed in your Ultra site

To create an HTML embed you will first need to copy the HTML embed code to your clipboard (see below for details of where to find these).


The Add HTML function in Ultra should only be used for embedding content from external tools.

Once you have the embed code:

  1. Navigate to the document in your Ultra site where you want the embedded content to appear.
  2. Click the plus icon and then Add HTML.
    Clicking the plus icon in a document in Ultra and then add HTML
  3. Paste the embed code into the HTML editor and then click Save.
    Pasting an HTML embed code into the HTML editor and clicking save
  4. Click the plus icon above your embedded content and then Add content.
  5. Create a descriptive link to your content.
    Pasting an HTML embed code into the HTML editor and clicking save
  6. Click Save.


For instructions on creating links in Ultra, please refer to the Links guide.

Where to find HTML embed codes

  1. Open the Padlet in your browser and click the Share icon.
  2. Click Embed in your blog or your website.
  3. Click Copy.
  4. To copy a link to your Padlet, return to the Share menu and click Copy link to clipboard.
    Accessing the share menu in Padlet and showing the embed content and copy link buttons
  1. Open Xerte in your browser and click the name of the Xerte object you want to embed.
  2. In the Project Details box, copy the embed code from the Embed Code text box.
  3. When creating the link to your Xerte item, copy the URL above the Embed code text box.
    Accessing the project details in Xerte and showing the embed code and URL