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Navigating an Ultra site


An introduction to the key areas and structure of an Ultra site.


There are three navigation bar menus used to navigate an Ultra site:

  1. Top Menu: Access course tools including the Gradebook and Messages.
  2. Course Content area: The main site area. Create and access course content here.
  3. Details & Actions access site tools including the Class Register and Course Image.

Ultra site showing Top Menu as a navigation bar below site name, Course Content area in the main body of the site, and details & Actions as a sammler left hand navigation panel.

Top menu

The navigation menu below the site name gives access to a number of course tools:

Menu item Description
Content Return to the Course Content area
Calendar View the Calendar showing events within Ultra for this site (eg. assignment deadlines). This is not integrated with Google Calendar or the University's timetabling system.
Announcements View or create an announcement email to all site users.
Discussions Quick access all of the course's discussion boards.
Gradebook Grade information and access to submissions for all of the markable items in a course.
Messages Send private messages to individual students or groups (off by default, but you can turn on). Students can't reply to Messages.
Analytics Not currently used at York
Groups Use Groups to manage teaching, administration and assessment activities in your course
Student Preview View the course as it appears to a student

Course Content

Content is created and accessed in the Course Content area appearing in teh main body area of the site.

Items can be organised in content containers such as Folders or Learning Modules. Click a content container to expand it to show the items within, and click again to collapse.


To open an item, click on it in the Course Content area. This will open the content in a new layer across the site. To close the item and return to the Course Content area, click X.



For more information on Folders and Learning Modules, see the Folders vs Learning Modules guide.

Details & Actions

This menu on the left hand side of the screen gives access to a number of different tools:

Menu item Description
Class register List of everyone enrolled on the site, including staff members (by default this is hidden from students)
Course Image Upload, edit or remove the site's Course Image
Course is open / Course is private Set site availability as visible or hidden to students
Class Collaborate Access the Blackboard Collaborate virtual classroom
Attendance Not used at York
Books & Tools Access LTI tools such as Reading Lists and Panopto/Replay
Question banks Build and manage sets of questions shared between Tests