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Site Availability


Ultra VLE sites can be set so that students cannot enter them, even when they are enrolled. Sites made unavailable in this way are known as "private".

Quick Start Guide

Text Steps

Enter your Ultra VLE site and look in the "Details & Actions" pane on the left of the screen.

  • If the list states "Course is private", then students cannot currently access the site; click on the nearby "Students can't access this course" link to make it available to them if desired,
  • If the list states "Course is open", then students can currently access the site; click on the "Students can access this course" link to make it unavailable to them if desired.

More Details and Troubleshooting

What Do Students See?

Sites that are set as private still appear in enrolled users' VLE Courses page and Communities page but are labelled as ‘Private’ and cannot be entered. This means that students will see the names of their upcoming sites as soon as they’re enrolled, but not be able to enter them if they're set to 'private'.

Who Can Access a Site When It's "Private"?

All instructors will still be able to access (and edit) a VLE site when it's private. Users with the following (less-commonly-used) roles can also access private VLE sites:

  • Markers (aka Graders)
  • Course Builders
  • Teaching Assistants.

Are Students Alerted when a VLE Site is Made Available?

Students will receive a message on their Activity Stream telling them that a “New Course is available”. This message contains the site’s name, and a link to click to access the site.

Students will also receive an email notification, but when this is sent is dictated by which email notification preference they’ve selected on their account:

  • If they have selected “Email me straight away” they should receive an email notification within a few minutes
  • If they have selected “Email me once a day” the notification will appear as part of their ‘Daily Notification’ digest email that comes through at 09:15 am (UK time) each day.