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General Ultra Support and Turnitin Marker Support Drop In

We are running regular drop-in sessions for all colleagues using Blackboard Ultra or Turnitin Feedback Studio (TFS), particularly if you have any questions on how to use Turnitin Feedback studio to mark submissions. DET staff will be present throughout each session, and can help with:

  • General TFS marker troubleshooting
  • General Blackboard Ultra troubleshooting
  • Assisting in using specific TFS marker tools
  • Answering any marker related questions you may have

One key thing to note, this is a technical support group; if you need Turnitin feedback studio marker training please visit the workshop calendar, and sign up to the bitesize session

Unlike our other workshops, the signup process is continuous for the drop-in sessions. Anyone signing up via the Google Group will be invited to all future marker drop-ins. Please feel free to indicate your intended attendance at any given session via the calendar invite, but there is no requirement to attend; these sessions are entirely optional for any colleagues who would like additional support.

Steps to sign up for drop-in sessions

  1. Find the General Ultra and Turnitin Marker Support Drop In Google Group
  2. Click the Join Group icon
    Annotated screenshot of the Google Groups search screen, highlighting the "Join Group" icon
  3. Click the Join Group button at the bottom of the window
    Annotated screenshot of the Join Ultra Drop-In list menu, highlighting the "Join Group" button