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System Updates, Issues, Outages, and Degradations

Many of our systems are hosted on the cloud, and are updated very regularly. It can be hard to keep up with changes, issues and outages in the modern IT climate, so we've put together some tools to help you keep track of what's happening with our systems.

Support Dashboards

We have put together a number of support dashboards in Google Looker Studio, which you can use to see:

  • System Updates - A list of new features and changes that have been released, or are expected to be released soon on our systems
  • Known Issues - A list of issues with specific functionality or tools on our systems, that may impact day to day use
  • Planned Outages/Degradations - Lists of future, current and pass planned outages or degradations, such as updates, maintenance or similar
  • Unplanned Outages/Degradations - List of unplanned outages or degradations, ie. an unexpected problem that's taken a system completely offline or made it run slowly for end users.

Accessible Alternative to Support Dashboards

If our Google Looker Studio dashboards are inaccessible to a piece of assistive technology that you are using, you can access and filter the base spreadsheets directly in Google Sheets using the following links and guidance.

Here are direct links to the spreadsheets that sit behind our Support Dashboards:

Filtering Our Sheets

Google Sheets allow you to filter your view of its contents without changing the views of other users. This is helpful if you want to filter our Learn VLE update sheet to, say, just look at updates relating to assessments, or just updates relating to marking staff. This functionality is called a "Temporary Filter View".

  1. Open the Google Sheet
  2. Click on the "Data" menu towards the top of the screen
  3. Hover your mouse over "Filter Views" in the options that show
  4. Click on the "Create New Temporary Filter View" option

A black frame will now appear around the data on screen, with a warning message advising that your changes can't be viewed by anyone else. You can dismiss the warning message. You can filter the data now as normal, using the arrows in the header of each column - More guidance on filtering content in Google Sheets.

Subscribing to Update Information, Including Known Issues

If you would like to receive an email each time we update this update information, please subscribe to the "eLearning System Updates" mailing list, by visiting this link and clicking on the "Ask to join group" button towards the top of the page. Important: Make sure you are logged into Google using your University of York account before trying to access the Google Group to join.