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The team that look after the tools described on this website is the Digital Education Team (DET) at the University of York, UK. We are contactable via email and phone, 9-5 BST, Monday to Friday (not bank holidays).

Our contact details

  • Email: – We aim to reply within three working days
  • Phone: (01904 32) 1131 – For urgent queries only

Information to include

There's some core information that you can include in your email that will help us help you.

When getting in touch with our team, please include the following:

  • Screenshots/Photos: Screenshots or photos of your device's entire screen showing issues and/or error messages are very helpful to us - Help with Screenshotting
  • Usernames: If your issue/query relates to a specific user (or numerous specific users) please include their usernames (eg. abc123) so we can ensure we're looking at the correct accounts - Help with finding Usernames
  • YCodes: If you have an issue/query about a particular site on the VLE, please include its "YCode". The YCode is an identifier that's unique to each VLE site, and helps us quickly find and access the site you need help with - Help with finding YCodes.


Many general issues with our systems (such as content not loading, changes not saving) can be solved by completing standard troublshooting steps yourself. Embedded below is our general troubleshooting guidance for staff and students, but if you prefer you can use this link to open our troubleshooting guidance in another browser tab.