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The Digital Education Team (DET) can provide further help and assistance with the online learning tools described in this website.

Our contact details

  • Opening times: 9-5 UK time, Monday to Friday (not bank holidays)
  • Email: – we aim to reply within three working days
  • Phone: (01904 32) 1131 – for urgent queries only

Information to include

To help us to help you more quickly, please include:

  • Screenshots/Photos: Screenshots or photos of your device's entire screen showing issues and/or error messages help us understand your problem - Help with Screenshotting
  • Usernames: for issues relating to a specific user (or numerous specific users) please include their usernames (eg. abc123) so we can find the correct account - Help with finding Usernames
  • YCodes: for issues about a particular site on the Learn Ultra VLE, please include its "YCode" (unique ID code) so we can find the site you need help with - Help with finding YCodes.

Can you fix it yourself?


You may be able to solve the issue yourself more quickly than we can.

Use one of our guides

If you're not sure how to do something using one of our tools:

  • explore our guide topics in the navigation menu
  • search for specific content with the search box (top right)
  • browse the Site index to see all guides listed by topic tags


Many general errors or issues with our systems (particularly Learn Ultra and Panopto) can be easily and quickly fixed by following standard troubleshooting steps yourself.

Help from other teams

Contact the relevant team for help with tools that we don't support.

System Suggestions

Have suggestions for changes on our systems? You can contact us or in some cases, contact the supplier directly.

Feature requests for the Learn VLE ( can be made and voted on via the Blackboard Anthology Idea Exchange, and anyone is welcome to sign up.