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Adding images to a Document


Images can be added into Documents in or between chunks of text.

Relevant VLE site design principles

  • 2.3 Essential: Design and images adhere to the UoY Brand.
  • 3.4 Essential: Site and materials content is accessible.

Uploading Images

The preferred way to add images is to upload them directly in the same way as files. See also our adding files guide.

Video steps

Video: Adding images in Ultra (via upload)

Text steps

  1. In a Document click the plus icon to add content and/or click Upload from Computer Two annotated screenshots highlighting the "upload from computer" button in different menus
  2. Locate the item you would like to upload, select it, and click Open
  1. Add a brief description of the image in the alternative text box (eg "Cartoon coffee cup") or mark it as decorative, select the appropriate file options, and then click Save Annotated screenshot highlighting the image options, alternative text box, and Save button


These steps are also applicable when using the Attachment tool within the text editor.

Linking Images

Images can also be added to Documents by uploading them from a static source on the internet. Make sure you have the appropriate rights to use an image in this way, and that the source address will not be changed while the image is in use.

We recommend downloading images onto your devide and uploading them using the above steps.

Video Steps

Video: Adding images to Ultra (via URL).

Text Steps

  1. Select the “Insert content” drop-down menu in the text editor and click Image An annotated screenshot of the Ultra text editor, highlighting the Image option in the Insert Content menu
  2. Locate your image on the internet, right-click it, and select copy image address Annotated screenshot showing the right-click menu on a web image, highlighting the copy image address button
  3. Paste in the URL for the image you’d like to add, add a brief description of the image in the alternative text box (i.e. cartoon image of a coffee cup) and click Insert Annotated screenshot of the image insert tool, highlighting the Insert button


Images added via static URL cannot currently be marked as decorative. Instead, please provide a concise description of the image in the alternative text box.