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Adding Documents


Documents can be created inside Learning Modules and Folders, or created directly within the Course Content area. Images and text must be added to a Document to be viewed.

Relevant VLE site design principles

  • 3.1 Essential: Organise module materials in sections that support student progress through the module.
  • 3.3 Essential: Provide up-to-date documents in an accepted file format.
  • 3.4 Essential: Site and materials content is accessible.
  • 3.6 Essential: Links and materials titles describe the destination or content.
  • 5.1 Recommended: Ensure that students can see and access module materials and content.

Video Steps

Video: Creating Documents in Ultra.

Text Steps

  1. Click container to show content options or click the plus icon.
  2. Choose Create, select Document. Annotated screenshots highlighting the buttons to create a document within a folder
  3. Edit title, make visible to students, click cog icon to add description. Screenshot of the top of a new document in Ultra; document name, visibility, and the settings cog
  4. You can then add content to a Document such text (adding text guide), files (adding files guide), and images (adding images guide).