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The Text Editor


The Text Editor provides many tools to enhance the usability and accessibility of content.

Relevant VLE site design principles

  • 3.4 Essential: Site and materials content is accessible.

A screenshot of the text editor in Ultra

Label Tool name Description
1 Text style Used to format text structure
2 Font, Font size, Colour picker Used for formatting text generally (use for emphasis, not structure)
3 Bold, Italic, Underline, Text options (Strikethrough, Superscript, Subscript, Code snippet) Useful for emphasis of text elements
4 Create or edit table Add a table up to 10 by 10 to display data
5 Alignment options Change text alignment (generally use right-aligned text)
6 Lists Add in bullet point or numbered lists
7 Undo, Clear format Undo the last change made in the Text Editor or clear formatting from selected text
8 Link Add a hyperlink to selected text or add in new text with a hyperlink attached - see our guide on adding links
9 Attachment Upload files and images between blocks of text see our guides on adding files and adding images
10 Insert content (Math, Image, Media, YouTube video, Content Collection, Content Market) Use various built-in tools to add content seamlessly - see our guide on adding YouTube videos

Adding Text


It is important to add text structure through the Styles feature in the Text Editor instead of relying on different font sizes, as the latter information is not conveyed accurately through most screen readers. For more information on creating accessible content, see the subject guide on Accessibility.

Video Steps

Video: Adding text in Ultra.

Text Steps

  1. To add text to an Ultra site, create or open a Document (see our adding documents guide) and click Add Content
    Annotated screenshot of a blank Document, highlighting the add content button
  2. Add a heading by clicking the Styles tool and clicking Title (starting a new line will automatically revert to the paragraph style).
    Screenshot of the Styles tool
  3. Continue adding your text, using the Styles tool to add section headings.
    Screenshot of a block of lorem ipsum text with various heading levels
  4. You can insert standard LaTeX into text within double dollar signs, and it will render when the text chunk is saved.
    Two screenshots above one another. The top shows raw LaTeX input and the bottom shows it rendered into a mathematical expression