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Adding YouTube videos to a Document


YouTube videos can be embedded into Documents using the built-in tool in the text editor. These embedded videos can be played without leaving the Document. It is good practice to also add a hyperlink above the embedded YouTube video with a direct link to the website.

Relevant VLE site design principles

  • 3.4 Essential: Site and materials content is accessible.
  • 3.5 Essential: Pre-recorded videos are hosted in a streaming service and captioned accurately.
  • 3.6 Essential: Links and materials titles describe the destination or content.
  • 3.7 Essential: Direct, descriptive links are given to open embedded content (eg. video, Padlet or Xerte objects) in full screen.

Video steps

Video: Adding YouTube videos in Ultra.

Text steps

  1. In the text editor, open the "Insert content" drop-down menu and select YouTube video Screenshot of the Insert Content drop-down menu and YouTube option
  2. Search for the video you'd like to embed and press Select Annotated screenshot highlighting the search and select buttons
  3. Choose the appropriate display options and press Insert Screenshot of the display settings in the YouTube tool
  4. Open the video in a new tab, then copy the URL of the video Annotated screenshot highlighting the YouTube button in the embedded video player
  5. Add in text above the embedded video, including a hyperlink to open the video in a new browser tab. See our guide on adding text to see a guide on adding hyperlinks. Screenshot of an embedded YouTube video with a hyperlink above

More details

For more control and customisation, you can embed YouTube videos directly via HTML. Please see our embedded content guide for more information.