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Assessment & Leave of Absence


Students on Leave of Absence lose access to the Learn Ultra VLE and Panopto videos and are no longer visible in the system to staff.

This guide considers the implications of LoA for assessment and marking, and is primarily aimed at Administrators.

What happens to an LoA student's access

When a student is listed as being on a Leave of Absence (LoA) in SITS, they will automatically lose complete access to the Learn VLE, Panopto “At Desk” Videos, and Replay Lecture Captures within 24-48 hours.

This means that:

  • the student can't log in to the Learn Ultra VLE or Panopto (and so can't make any submissions)
  • the student doesn't appear in the Register or Gradebook of their VLE sites
  • staff can't see or mark any submissions that the student has already made
  • departmental staff can't manually enrol the student on sites

Restoring access

If required, we can restore full or partial VLE access for the student to access module content and make submissions while they are on LoA, or for staff to be able to view and mark work already submitted. Contact us to arrange this.

For more details, see Leave of Absence (LoA) and how it can impact submission and marking.