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Learn Ultra


Learn Ultra is the VLE used to support teaching in modules for on-campus programmes (except the Mathematics department).

HYMS Learn Ultra is accessed via a different URL, but runs on the same system.

What Ultra can do

A module Ultra site can:

  • contain various types of module materials: files, videos, quizzes and more.
  • offer a range of formative and summative assessment methods.
  • support online discussions and other communication methods.
  • manage groupwork and group assessment.
  • facilitate synchronous and asynchronous online and blended learning.


Key Ultra guides

To find other Ultra guides:

  • explore our guide topics in the navigation menu
  • search for specific content with the search box (top right)
  • browse the Site index to see all guides listed by topic tags

Blog: Ultra

Our DET Blog: Learn Ultra covers Ultra-specific in-depth news items, research news and time-sensitive updates (also embedded below).