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Standardised Ultra site names


Ultra VLE sites have a standardised naming format which is required for various systems to run. Do not rename Ultra VLE sites.

Relevant VLE site design principles

  • 1.4 Essential: Site title contains the SITS code and official module name.

Standard naming format

Ultra VLE sites have a standardised naming format which includes:

  • SITS module code
  • Semester and occurrence code
  • Official module name (for professional programmes and other non-module sites, the site name must accurately describe the programme, course element or site purpose.)

For example, [MAN00149M-S1-A] Business Information Systems


Why a standard name is required

A standardised naming format is required for various automated processes to function. For example, the lecture capture system uses the standard site name format to link timetabled captures to the correct module site.

Consistency in naming format also helps students find their module sites, particularly where modules have similar names.

Need to rename an Ultra site?

If you need to change an Ultra site name, please contact us to discuss this. Do not change it yourself within the site as this will cause issues with linked processes.