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Assignment: marking


Assignment is the built-in assignment submission and marking tool in the Learn Ultra VLE. It is mostly used for formatives, non-anonymous summatives and group assignments.

This guide covers marking Assignment submissions, and is primarily aimed at Teaching staff.

Marking submissions: Flex Grading

Ultra Assignments are marked online using the 'Flex Grading' tool. This allows you to:

  • make inline feedback comments
  • use a marking rubric
  • input grades
  • easily see which assignments still need to be marked

To mark an Ultra Assignment, with a module site you can access the submissions though the submission point or the Gradebook.

See Blackboard's guide to Flex Grading Assignments for more information.


Managing multiple markers

If assignments to the same submission point are divided between multiple markers, this can be managed in a few ways:


Your assessment administrators can advise on the workflow adopted within your department.