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Forms are a survey option to collect feedback, opinions or preferences.

Form to collect topic preference for group project with multiple choice and open text answer questions

When to use Forms

Forms use a selection of Test question types, making them particularly useful as asynchronous surveys. However, responses cannot be collected anonymously.

For example, Forms could be be used to collect:

  • module feedback (mid or end of semester)
  • topic preferences to assign students for group work, projects, presentations etc.
  • difficulties/topics to focus on in review sessions


Although it is possible, don't use a Form as a graded assessment - please use the Test tool instead.

Alternative tools

Padlet or Google Forms can be used in a similar way, but allow anonymous responses.

Form content

Forms can include these question types:

  • Essay
  • Likert scale
  • Multiple Choice
  • True/False

You can also add text or upload a file.

Create a Form

  1. In the relevant location, click Create > Form.
  2. Give the Form a descriptive name at the top left.
  3. Add your questions.
  4. If relevant, add a Due Date and adjust other settings as needed.
  5. Set the test as Visible to students or specify Release conditions in the top right.


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