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Information for new staff


Welcome to the University of York! Here's an introduction to the Digital Education Team, the learning technology tools we support and where to find help with other key tools.

The Digital Education Team (DET)

We advise individuals and departments on designing, delivering and evaluating learning technology interventions. Our advice is pedagogy-first and evidence-based; we'll help you find the right tool and approach to meet your learning objectives.

We also provide training and support on using the University’s centrally-supported Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs): Learn Ultra and Canvas and on a wide range of other learning technologies.

Find out more about us and our work on the DET blog.

Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs)

Each module has a VLE site to host content, interact with students and handle submission-based assessment.

The VLE you'll use depends on your department:

  • Learn Ultra: Most on-campus departments & Hull York Medical School
  • Canvas: York Online programmes
  • Moodle: Department of Mathematics (not supported by us)


Setting up your VLE site

Lecture Capture & other video

Our video streaming tool is Panopto.

This is used widely for:

  • the lecture capture system, Replay.
  • recording short 'at-desk' videos (resources for module VLE sites or other uses).



The Hull York Medical School uses Echo360 instead of Panopto; see HYMS guidance.

Other key tools

Training available

We offer a range of synchronous and on-demand training and resources on effectively implementing digital education tools to support teaching and learning. Explore what's available on our Training page.

IT Services also offer a range of IT and digital skills training on topics such as Google Workspace, presentations and managing data.