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TurnItIn Feedback Studio: set up


Administrator guide: setting up submission points and managing the marking workflow in Turnitin Feedback Studio (TFS). Also see our guide to releasing marks & feedback

Relevant VLE site design principles

  • 4.1 Essential: The assessment section contains all information about module assessments.
  • 4.2 Essential: Assessment instructions are clearly labelled and explain the task and requirements.
  • 4.3 Essential: Provide marking criteria or other grading policies showing how work is marked.

Submission points & rubrics

TFS can be used for formative or summative assignments, but there are some different considerations when setting up the submission points for these:

In TFS, rubrics (or 'grading forms') for marking are integrated into the submission point:


Files uploaded to Learn VLE sites (eg. PDF or Word documents) are technically accessible to all site users, even if it is hidden from students in the Course Content area.

When uploading assessment-related files (eg. assessment briefs or test materials), view and apply our guidance on Strict File Access Control for Sensitive Files.

Managing extensions, flagging & multiple markers

TFS requires some additional steps to manage deadline extensions and Spelling and Grammar flags, and to divide submissions between multiple markers.

There are two methods to do this:

Course Groups

Use Course Groups set up in the Learn VLE module site to manage marking for formative assessments or small cohorts.

Assessment Tracker (summatives only)

The Assessment Tracker assists with the oversight and management of large cohort summative assessments.

Using the Tracker to:

Managing Submissions

Other Tasks