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Adding Presentation Slides to you Recording


You can attach a slide deck (presentation) to an existing Panopto video.

Text Steps

  1. In the editor, click on the Slides option in the left navigation menu.

Annotated screenshot of adding a slide to a Panopto recording

  1. If you have slides already in your Panopto video, a thumbnail image of each slide will appear along with the time that it appears inside your video. If you'd like to add slides to your video, click Add a presentation above and select your slide deck from your computer.
  2. To add a presentation, locate and select the PowerPoint you wish to add to your video. Panopto will upload all slides in the presentation and allow you to preview them once processed.

Annotated screenshot of processing slides in Panopto 4. To add a slide to the video, click in the timeline to move the red line to the exact spot you want to add the slide.

  1. Select the Plus icon next to the slide to add it. Repeat this step to add additional slides.

Annotated screenshot of adding a slide

  1. A new stream appears within the timeline and your slides will now appear in the video stream.

Annotated screenshot of video timeline with slides

  1. To edit where a slide appears, select the three dots next to the slide and then select Edit.

  2. On the Edit Table of Contents entry page, you can manually type in the time you want the slide to appear. When completed, click Save.

  3. To remove a PowerPoint slide from the video, select the three dots next to the slide, and then select Delete. Note: The slide won't be permanently deleted, so you can add the slide back into the video later if needed.
  4. Apply your changes using the Apply button in the top-right corner when you're finished.