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Adding link items


Links to external websites can be added inside Learning Modules and Folders, or directly to the Course Content area. Hyperlinks can be embedded in text.

Relevant VLE site design principles

  • 3.4 Essential: Site and materials content is accessible.
  • 3.6 Essential: Links and materials titles describe the destination or content.
  • 5.1 Recommended: Ensure that students can see and access module materials and content.

Links can be added to the Course Content area (alongside items like Documents or Discussions), and users clicking on these links will have the link open in a new browser tab.

Video Steps

Video: Adding links in Ultra.

Text Steps

  1. Hover over where you want to add the link and click the plus icon.
  2. Choose Create then select Link. Annotated screenshots highlighting the buttons to create a link
  3. Edit the title to show the link name, make it visible to students, copy & paste the relevant URL, add a brief description, and click Save. Annotated screenshot showing the different settings and save button in the Link editor

Links can also be embedded into words and phrases using the tool in the Text Editor. These links will also open in a new browser tab.

Video Steps

Video: Adding hyperlinks in Ultra.

Text Steps

  1. If adding a hyperlink to pre-existing text, highlight that text
  2. Press the Link tool in the Text Editor Screenshot of selected text, highlighting the Link tool
  3. Paste in the destination URL and add/adjust the link text so that it's descriptive (not "click here" or "open link") and press Insert Screenshot of the Link tool menu


It is important to use descriptive text in hyperlinks (e.g. "Video: Adding links in Ultra", not "Click here for our video")