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Panopto is York's tool to create, share and manage video content.

What Panopto can do

At UoY, Panopto...

  • powers the Replay lecture capture system
  • links Learn Ultra module sites to Replay recordings
  • allows staff to create their own 'at-desk' recordings
  • lets all users download transcripts


Panopto guides


We are in the process of migrating our Panopto guides to this site from Google Drive.

To find the guide you need:

  • explore our guide topics in the navigation menu
  • search for specific content with the search box (top right)
  • browse the Site index to see all guides listed by topic tags

While we migrate guides, you may also find these useful:

Blog: Panopto

Our DET Blog: Panopto covers Panopto-specific in-depth news items, research news and time-sensitive updates (also embedded below).