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Asynchronous use of Mentimeter


How to switch to 'survey mode' to use Mentimeter for asynchronous interaction to make all the question types and features available in Mentimeter available to support online learning and independent study between live sessions.

You can change your Mentimeter presentation settings to make a presentation available for students to respond asynchronously in their own time by switching from ‘Presentation mode’ to ‘survey mode’. You can then share the voting link with them, for example by creating a link in your VLE site.

You will also need to share the presentation results to allow students to access them asynchronously. You can do this by copying a link to use to create a link in your VLE site, or by copying an embed code which can be used to display the presentation in a frame on a VLE page (embedding content).

When embedding the presentation on a VLE page, it is necessary to provide the link so that it can be viewed in full screen if needed. This can be added above the embed by choosing the ‘add content options’ and using the text editing tools to add a hyperlink (see example below).

Embedded Mentimeter presentation within the VLE with a link to the presentation shown above