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This guide will be updated for the 2024/25 academic year.

Copying content


Content items and containers can be copied within Ultra sites and also across different Ultra sites.

Video Steps

Video: Copying content

Text Steps

To copy content items:

  1. Click the Plus icon in the Course Content area and select Copy Content.
    Annotated screenshot of the Ultra interface, highlighting the Copy Content button
  2. Type the title or course ID of the Ultra site you want to copy content from.
  3. Click on the site you want to copy from in the list of search results.
  4. Click Content.
    Two annotated screenshots side by side, highlighting a course in the courses list and the Content section on the next page
  5. Select the content items you want to copy using the checkboxes next to each item’s name.
    Screenshot of the Ultra interface, with two items of course content selected to be copied
  6. At this point you can click Courses and repeat steps 2-5 if you want to copy items from multiple sites at once.
    Annotated screenshot highlighting the Courses button in the copy content interface
  7. When you have selected all the items you want to copy, click Start Copy. Refreshing your browser tab may speed up the copying process.


If reusing content from a Blackboard Original site, please refer to our Reusing content from Original sites guide.