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Course images


The Course Image is a customisable site banner image.

Relevant VLE site design principles

  • 2.3 Essential: Design and images adhere to the UoY brand.


The Course Image is a site banner image. It appears in two locations:

  • Course List: appears in the tile view of the module site
  • Within the site: a banner across the main 'Content' view of the site.


You can change the Course Image supplied with your site template to something related to your module.

Add or update the course image


Course images need to be at least 1200 × 240 pixels.

To set up your Ultra site's Course Image:

  1. Open your Ultra site and click Edit display settings under Course Image in the left hand menu.
  2. Click Upload new image.
  3. Select the desired image from the browser.
  4. Position the image as required, adjusting the zoom if necessary.
  5. Click Done.
  6. Ensure that the Course Image toggle is set to the On position.
  7. Add a description of the image to the Image description box.
  8. Click Save.

You can also watch a demonstration of adding a Course Image:

Course images in Ultra [YouTube]

Technical details

Image size

Course images need to be at least 1200 × 240 pixels. If you want to use a larger image, maintain the same 5:1 aspect ratio.

Visible area

The Course Image will resize and scale based on the size of the screen. Any content that should always be visible (eg. module name) should be restricted to a 550 × 150 pixel area in the centre of the image, regardless of overall image size - see template below.

You can download this template as a PNG file by right clicking on the image and clicking Save image as.

A template course image sized at 1200 × 240 showing the area that will always be visible

Sourcing images


You must not use copyrighted material for site images.

Images should be high quality: use the University’s photo library or to source copyright-free images.

Download images at a resolution that meets the minimum requirements for Ultra. The Web Image gallery size on the University's photo library meets these requirements.