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Workshop: Ultra Essentials for teaching staff


An introduction to the key skills needed to build an Ultra site from a departmental template.


This workshop will be updated for preparing 24/25 sites.


This workshop covers four key aspects of developing a module site in Learn Ultra:

  1. New VLE site design principles: what makes a good VLE site?
  2. Introduction to Ultra: key differences to Original
  3. The new Ultra template: structure, placeholders
  4. Preparing your module site: editing the template, building content, reusing content from Original sites

Work through the slides and/or view the videos below to complete tasks where you can explore an Ultra site both as a student and as an editor.

To complete tasks, you'll need access to an Ultra sandpit site. Contact us at if you don't have a sandpit site.

Workshop slides

Slides: Ultra Essentials - prepare your Ultra module site

Workshop videos

Part 1: VLE Site Design Principles

What does a good site look like?

Video - Part 1: VLE Site Design Principles

You can also view the full VLE Site Design Principles guide

Part 2: Introduction to Ultra

The key features of Ultra and the differences to Original sites.

Video - Part 2: Introduction to Ultra

Part 3: Ultra module site template

An introduction to the Ultra module site template, including features, structure and placeholder information.

Video - Part 3: Ultra module site template

Part 4: Preparing your module site

Editing the template, building content and reusing content from Original sites.

Part 4a - Edit, Delete and move Content Items

Video - Part 4a: Edit, Delete and Move Content

Part 4b - Building content

Video - Part 4b: Building Content

Part 4c - Reusing module content

This section particularly focuses on using content from Original sites (22/23 or before)

Ultra Essentials Part 4C - Reusing Module Content

Full Workshop Recording:

Watch a full workshop covering parts 1,2,3 and 4 via Panpoto (UoY only, you maybe required to sign in to view this).

Video - Full Workshop: VLE Ultra Essentials